Why Date Night?

After moving in together in 2008, Brett and Mandy decided that, although they spent every waking day together (literally), they felt it was important to pick one day a week to actually spend QUALITY, pre-planned, thought-out time together... This is crucial to any quality relationship, as they've learned over the past 7+ years together.

They also both love to discover new restaurants and haunts in their city, so they thought they would combine the two...
and VOILA! Date Night was born!

Now, back in the US after a two-year stint living in Europe, they are excited to get Date Nights going again - bigger and better than ever (with an even more advanced palette, and an appreciation for fine dining and good customer service)!

Follow them as they share their dating adventures at local restaurants and events!
... The good, the bad, and the (oh-so incredibly) ugly!!