Tip of the Week

She Said:

Ask any girl, and she’ll tell you – dinner and a movie is OVERRATED. What do we want instead?

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When you plan your date, plan something where you can challenge each other and still have fun.

Go bowling. Play miniature golf. Rent some stand-up paddle boards or canoes and explore Lake Union. Go to one of those pottery places where you can paint a mug. Take a walk or a boatride around Greenlake. Go trapezing, or take a cooking or candy making class!

Do something that's casual, fun, and no pressure. The problem with going out to dinner is that it can feel very forced. You are sitting across from each other with nothing to do but watch each other eat and swap resumes.

Do something more creative and challenging than that -- the more child-like the activity the better (build a fort in your living room! or camp out in your backyard!). And with activity dates, the possibilities are endless!

Happy Dating!


SarahBeth said...

I've always said that movies are the worst dates ever... what's the fun of spending an evening with someone when you can't even talk or interact?

Mandy Kay said...

exactly!! :)