Sushi in Wonderland

March 25th, 2010
Genki Sushi and Alice in Wonderland, IMAX

She Said:

One of Brett's FAVORITE childhood films was Alice in Wonderland. So when we saw a preview for it during our Avatar Date Night at the IMAX, i just knew we had a future Date Night on our hands!

With the film showing at 8pm, we knew we'd have to get a quick bite to eat beforehand.

Quick + Bite + Queen Anne = GENKI SUSHI!

Picture 009 Brett and I ventured to Genki, a small and modern sushi train restaurant located in the LUMEN apartment complex on 5th and Roy, last year when it first opened.

We were bitterly disappointed.

The food was overpriced (for a sushi train), it was over-mayo'ed, and over-rated. Lucky for us, we never put off a restaurant without trying it at least twice, so we ventured back a few weeks ago...

Picture 007 THANK GOD WE DID, it is now one of our favorite stops.

They've revamped their menu to include only 3 price options - $1, $1.50, and $2 -- which means we get out of there almost every time -- fat bellies and fat wallets in tact -- for less than $20!


And this venture was no exception. In and out in 20 minutes, for $15. Be sure to order the Seattle Roll, Rainbow Roll, Tuna and Avacado, and of course, the MISO soup which is to DIE FOR!

Picture 010 Picture 011 Picture 008

After dinner, we headed to the Pacific Science Center where the IMAX is located -- literally a 5 minute walk from Sushi.

The line to get in was short, but it still took us 20 minutes (in the rain) because there was just one teller in the booth ... and she was selling an annual pass for the Science Center to the couple at the front of the line.

The fact that she was providing excellent customer service to her patrons -- explaining all the benefits of the annual pass, describing each IMAX show that was coming up, and explaining the entire layout of the PAC Science Center, just meant that those of us standing in the line waiting in the rain were getting more and more annoyed and soaked anxious for the film. My only request would be to have more than one person in the booth when a blockbuster film is playing here! :)

Picture 014I digress.

We headed in and grabbed our go-to IMAX snack, DIBS. Holy ice-cream goodness. And for only $3, it's a perfect IMAX snack. (We of course finished them while in line for the film... don't judge.)

Upon entering the theater, we donned our 3D glasses, sat back and relaxed, ready for an enjoyable film experience! The IMAX is literally the coolest theater you'll ever see a movie at, especially a 3D film. The screen is ginormous, every sound, big or small, that derives from the film surrounds you, so you literally feel as though you are part of the action.

And feeling as though you are part of the action in a film as whimsical and magical as Alice in Wonderland, well, let's just say i had goose-bumps throughout the 108 minutes of this film. Picture 016

Brett wasn't as big of a fan, as he was expecting it to be more similar to his beloved childhood tale, when actually, it's a sequal to the Disney cartoon... Alice is RETURNING to Wonderland as an adult... and thinks her previous journey there was just a dream.

I for one enjoyed the film immeasurably. I loved that it celebrated oddity (of course i did!) and applauds non-conformity. The colors of the characters were as whimsical as the story, and of course, Johnny Depp blew my expectations out of the water with his portrayal of the Mad Hatter.

There is no better way to see a film as "big" as Alice and Wonderland than at the IMAX, and even though Brett wasn't as overwhelmed by the film as i was, we both had an amazing time, as we always do here. Highly recommend Genki and IMAX as an ideal quick and easy Seattle Date Night!

**BIG Thank You to Philip Cosand for being an excellent host! Your intro to the film was the best we've seen yet! **


Picture 006 Genki Sushi
511 Mercer Street
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 453-3881

Romance: 2 -- not really 'romantic', but certainly funky, modern, cheap, and fun!

Cool Ambiance/Interior: Scale from 4: very cool interior!

All Around Service: 4: always quick and simple!

Cost: $ = entrees from $0 - $7

Would we recommend it? 5: Yes! And can we come with you?


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't say FAVOURITE! but its ok!

Mandy Kay said...

you know it's your FAVOURITE! ;)