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Tip of the Week

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Here's a tip for the lads:

I'm a sports fan. Just like most men I know, I always have been and always will be. Being a sports fan in a foreign country though does present its challenges. I mean I still clearly follow all of the sports I used to growing up in Australia but am now a big fan of all the great local sports. Chuck in the fact that some of my good mates over here are poms, it's become a full time job just keeping track of the latest and greatest. Just last Autumn I was simultaneously following rugby league, super 14s, tri-nations, baseball, college football, NFL, AFL, EPL, MLS and the Australian/Enland cricket series. I barely have enough time to scratch my backside let alone plan a decent date night.

That was until I found one of the greatest iPhone application out there, Urbanspoon. Also online at

Urban spoon does all the leg work for you. Put in where you want to eat or let it use your current location, choose the theme and price or let it chose for you, give it a shake and away you go. It'll even tell you what reservations are open and give you a phone number to call. Bloody little ripper if you ask me.

Cheers, Brett

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