Date Night: Hangover Style!

October 17th, 2009
Cafe Au Robertson-Hoover

She Said:

Wednesday night, Brett went out for drinks with a friend... which means he woke up more than a little fuzzy.

This gave me my inspiration for Thursday night's Date Night: Date Night HANGOVER STYLE!

I ran over to Blockbuster on lower Queen Anne to rent The Hangover ($4.95 for 7 days rental) while Brett whipped up some awesome "bar food" -- turkey burgers with a cilantro-infused aiole and home-made chips.

We settled down with a couple of beers in front of the TV and enjoyed what we both consider to be the Best Movie of The Year! It really is great, for any of you that haven't seen it yet! It came out a few days ago (wasn't yet available on On Demand) and was THIS close to being sold out at the movie-renting-store... so go scoop it up now before everyone else does!

Even though it may not be the most 'romantic' movie, it's full of laughs. So grab your fellow wolf and enjoy! (Plus, this date was SUPER cheap, which fits nicely into our new mantra, "No spending money until after the wedding!")


Romance: 2

Cool Ambiance/Interior:5 -- we were at home!

$ = entrees from $0 - $7+

Would we recommend it?
5: Yes! Do it now!

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