Seattle Date Night: Viva La France!

November 5, 2009
French Night Date Night!

He Said:

Right, so this is a cracker of an idea. And before you scoff lads, I’m going to spell out clearly why it can be doubly good for you whether you plan it or whether your missus plans it.

French Night is a date that Mandy invented way back when we first started dating.

Mandy rehashed it last night with great successes.

Basically it’s dinner and a movie but as the name suggests, with a French theme.

With a date like this, you can make it as simple or as fancy as you like. You can go out to a French restaurant followed by the theatre or do what we did and prepare it all at home. I much prefer what we did and to make it simple for you guys I’m gunna give you a shopping list for all you need.

Shopping List:

- Camembert cheese
- Crackers
- Apple
- French wine
- Pre-prepared Chicken Cordon Bleu
- Salad to order
- French movie

Too easy.

All of the above can be found easily at any supermarket. As for the movie, I suggest ducking down to any Blockbuster. Most will have an international section that’ll source you all movies French. We watched Mandy’s all time favourite Amelie. A classic and quirky film that most will enjoy once you get over reading the subtitles.

Again lads I hear you scoff over the subtitles! To be honest I was the same way, way back when but here’s why it’s a winner.

Apparently all things French are romantic. If you pull off a date like this you’ll appear cultured, travelled, intelligent and romantic. Parts of this I don’t get as I haven’t met many intelligent Frenchmen but whatever.

It is unique. Organize a simple French date night on Thursday and you’ll get enough brownie points to last you the rest of the weekend of uninterrupted football and beer. Result.

Now for the next part, I’m gunna have to ask mum to run off and grab a coffee, put on home and away. Girls take special, SPECIAL note here.

This is for when you organize it and another thing to keep the men interested!

You see, Mandy is all about the details. That’s one thing I love about her. She does things properly.

And as we just had Halloween, what’s one outfit that comes to mind when you hear French?? Of course a French Maid.

Mandy was kind enough to don the full garb for our date last night. Tie back hat and all.

Enough said... and let me assure you, well worth the subtitles!




Romance: 5

Cool Ambiance/Interior: 5

All Around Service: 5+++ when Mandy's in charge!

My grocery list complete with wine was $50. I recommend spending an extra $30 on the costume! Your honey (unless he's a chump) will thank you for weeks! ;)

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME date idea! soooo showing this to my girlfriend tonight!