Seattle Date Night: Diners and Drive-ins!

September 4, 2009:
Mitzel's and Puget Park Drive-In

He Said:

Americana. I love it! Any chance I get I like to indulge in things uniquely American. Be it tractor pulls, gridiron, baseball games or as previously discussed, shooting; I make it a personal mission to get to know all aspects of this great country's culture. What else is the point of travelling I ask ya? Anyways, this week, the Hoov and I headed north to take on something I’ve never done before, a night at the Drive In!

Puget Park Drive In is roughly 25 minutes north of Seattle, just off I5 (128th Street Exit in Everett).

Leaving after work, we made sure we got there with plenty of time to setup and get comfortable. As the closest I’ve got to a drive in before this was when Danny Zuko molested Sandy in the movie Greece, I made sure to follow Mandy’s lead. For us the setup, and I highly recommend this, involved backing Mandy’s SUV into our park, putting the back seats down and popping open the back hatch*. We then lined the back with a number of blankets and pillows, popped a couple of cold beers, sat back, relaxed and waited for the feature to start.

There really is something special about catching a flick outside. At Puget Park the screen quality is surprisingly clear and the sound is played through your cars speakers (107.3), so make sure you have a decent system. A top way to catch a film.

Before heading to the drive in, we started our American themed date with a trip to a diner.

We didn’t have anything planned but Mandy knows the area well enough to know that a number of tip top diners were within minutes of our final destination.

We decided on a place called Mitzels.

A quaint little diner, with 4 locations around Seattle, I had the pork chops and Mandy had a salad.

[Pork Chops, $12.99; Cobb Salad, $9.99]

Both great for the price we paid. A great night had by all!


*You can always close the back hatch during the movie if you and yours need a bit of 'personal reflection time.'

She Said:

Brett summed the night up perfectly. We had a blast!

I'd frequented this Drive In all through my high-school years, and hadn't been back since. Knowing Brett's obsession love for all things Americana (and anything from the movie Grease), i couldn't believe we hadn't been here yet! So naturally, it was next on my "Date Night To-Do's" list.

Some things to know before hitting up the Drive In:

♥ Show starts at dusk. This means, show times change daily, along with the changing of the season. Ours started about 8.30. But in a week, that will change. Be sure to check out your daily dusk times online before your departure!


♥ Tickets (at Puget Park) are $8.50 each, and it's CASH ONLY. There is no ATM. So be sure to come prepared!

♥ Be sure to check out the website to see what's prohibited, including alcohol. Some nights, this is strictly enforced with patrols walking up and down the aisles. Luckily for us, we got off scott free, sipping on our cold ones throughout the entire film. But stay discreet. And use keg cups!

♥ Back-in for optimum viewing pleasure (if you have a back hatch or a truck) -- this allows for maximum snuggle time (Brett's idea, not mine!!) ;)

♥ Bring TONS of pillows and blankets. By the time you're on your second film (yes, every night it's a double feature!) you're really uncomfortable, so the more padding under your bum, the better.

♥ Bring TONS of snacks. Although, they do have a snack bar, but it's dicey, and they don't offer a lot. So bring some goodies to munch on.

♥ Sit back and ENJOY! That's the best advice i can give!

[Brett and Mandy ready for Showtime!]


Puget Park Drive In
13020 Meridian Ave S
Everett, WA‎
425) 338-5957‎

Romance: 4: The place is dicey, but snuggled up in the back of your car with your sweetie, well, that just can't be beat!

Cost: $: $17 for two adults for a double feature? YES PLEASE!

Would we recommend it?
4: Good! Great Date Night had by all!

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