About Us!

She Said:

About Brett: It’s tough to describe Brett in 200 words or less, but I’ll try. Born and raised just south of Sydney, Australia, this handsome hunk of a man moved to Seattle in 2007 to follow his dream of living and working abroad (but, let’s be honest, he really moved here to find me!). A financial controller for a medical technologies company, Brett has a knack for keeping things in order and telling it like it is. At work, at least.

In his personal life, he really loves to let loose with friends, whether it’s at a Hawks, Sounders, or Mariner’s game, snowboarding (or skiing… yes, he does both!) one of the 10+ mountain passes in the area, tasting new foods, beers, and wines, traveling to far off places, or exploring close neighborhood haunts, and getting in as much Americana as he can! Brett is kind, he is funny, he is smart; basically, he is all this girl could ever ask for. So, I encourage you to get to know him. You will not regret it! Screw Flanders! Bon Appetites!

He Said:

About Mandy:
Mandy Hoover* – HOOVER! The name that got this adventure started! High school cheer leader, sorority champion, beautiful and blond, Mandy is the quintessential American girl next door. With a heart of gold, Mandy is always the life of the party. Funny, intelligent, crazy and gorgeous, she’ll sing your ear off and have you in fits of laughter all at the same time.

Working as a Project Manager at a Seattle ad agency, Mandy is creative and organized (compliments me perfectly as I’m the complete opposite!). Just check out this site! It’s all her handy work! Her weekends and free time are spent travelling; kicking it with her mates, heading to the mountains with me, keeping fit in the gym or setting up the greatest camp site going (among a million other things). There’s never a dull moment. She genuinely touches the heart and soul of all that are lucky enough to meet her. Oh, did I mention she’s a world class chef?!? Yeah, she goes alright!


*Hoover is now Robertson!! But that doesn't work with the story as well. :)


Madison said...

Too cute! love the blog!

Annelise said...

Haha I feel really cool to have met you guys. Yeah I'm Hayley's husband's cousin lol. Saw you at the wedding.

Xander Lawson said...

I guess you can chalk that up to one very unexpected bonus of working abroad. The mere prospect of finding the one for me actually makes me look forward even more to working for one of the uk umbrella companies.